Learn about the SUPER LIGHT GOLF BAG



The SUPER LIGHT GOLF BAG was born out of a need to make golfing more fun by making carrying your clubs around eaiser.  The average golf bag weighs in at several pounds and can damage your posture and your game with fatigue and muscle strain from just carrying around your clubs.  The SUPER LIGHT GOLF BAG weighing in at only 15 ounces is the lighest bag of it's kind anywhere.  Even a child can pick it up with one finger! (with no clubs in it , of course...)



It can be assembled in minutes and also even can be DIS-ASSEMBLED and rolled up like a newspaper and stuck in your suitecase for travel.  It will ESPECIALLY come in handy for the Par three golfer who only wants to take a few clubs to the course or for anyone who wants a lighter bag to ease the load.  It fits nicely on your shoulder or the golf cart.  Though we do not recomend using it to hold more than 12 clubs it will carry a full set of 14 if you use them all when you play.



Since it is made in the USA at a centrally located manufacturing plant, it is a quality product and can be shipped anywhere easily.  Custom and quantity orders are welcome.  Please contact us for more information and to place an order.



The SUPER LIGHT GOLF BAG is made of HDPE plastic which is the same material that one gallon milk cartons are made of usually.  It is strong and light and at 15 ounces is equivialent to 9 empty one gallon milk cartons.  It can be made of recycled or new materials and is available in a rainbow of colors.  This also makes it a very inexpensive product which can serve many happy golfing rounds for under $30.00.

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