Award for Top Invention


 The SUPER LIGHT GOLF BAG was chosen as one of the top 20 inventions of 2011 by tthe Kansas City Ineventor's Club before 250 investors and corporate heads


Comments after the award Ceremony included:  "I wish I had thought of that!" and You're going to sell millions of those bags."  and  "What a clever idea!"

News Update - Farmington Daily Times April 26th 2014

15 people present ideas to investors and business professionals at the High Desert Discovery Day event -By Erny Zah The Daily Times


From the very beginning, we have kept in mind 3 simple concepts.  Make the bag super light, strong & practical. Make the bag a GREEN product out of recycable material.  Make the bag look cool with lots of colors and original style so that eveyone will want to have one.


After extensive testing on golf courses, our bag has been abused to the max to only find that it holds up to our main goals.  We only wanted to be sure that the SUPER LIGHT GOLF BAG will perform to your utmost satisfaction.  One of the original prototypes has more than 200 rounds of golf to it's life and still holding clubs nicely!