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Company History

A few years ago, we got the idea that a lighter, stronger, cheaper golf bag might solve problems for people and sell like hot cakes.  So being good virtual design engineers that they were they came up with the SUPER LIGHT GOLF BAG and made a prototype out of recycled plastic sheeting.  After considerable testing on hundreds of golf rounds the SLGB was born.


It was assumed that the SLGB would have to be made in China, (after all everything else is these days).  But much to their delight, they found that it could be made right here in the good old USA cheaper and easier than in China!  Hurray!


Then the next phase was to find out where to market it and how.  We ventured to the PGA Merchandising shows held in Orlando and Las Vegas and wandered around talking to thousands of golf professionals and golf business owners.  He discovered almost everyone who saw the SLGB was excited about it and wondered when it would be released for sales.

Several folks even begged to purchase the prototypes.


In the meantime, the Kansas City Inventors Club chose the SLGB as one of the top inventions of 2011 and invited us to speak to over 250 investors and corporate heads about it.  It was well received.


Fast forward to today when we are finally ready to realease the product to the public.  Look for it in your local golf course Pro shop and sporting goods stores and on line.